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Noticias electrónicas de la orquesta

April 6, 2020 - Orchestra Updates

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Hi, Orchestra Families!


I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.  So far, so good in the Kurr Household.


  1. All orchestra students are successfully in Buzz/Genius now--well done!  Glad to have you all there.

  2. The next step is to make sure that you stay on top of all assignments.  There will be few, really, so please make sure to complete them. If there are troubles/issues, let me know.  I cannot help you if I do not know there is a problem.

    1. There will be a Weekly Check-In video each week.  Students will be given excerpts to prepare and record for Buzz submission.

    2. Some weeks (including this week) we will meet for quick Zoom sectionals.

      1. 15 minutes each

      2. Will usually cover the material for the Weekly Check-In recording

      3. I will provide a Zoom link for each group

      4. If there is some sort of conflict, it is not a big deal: simply let me know ahead of time.

      5. HERE are the general guidelines for Zoom Sectionals

      6. Schedule for this week
        Vln 1 = R 4/9 1:00pm 
        Vln 2 = R 4/9 1:30pm 
        Vla/Vcl = R 4/9 2:00pm
        Vln 1 = W 4/8 1:00pm
        Vln 2 =  W 4/8 1:30pm
        Vla =  W 4/8 2:00pm
        Vcl/DB =  W 4/8 2:30pm
        Vln 1 = T 4/7 1:00pm
        Vln 2 =  T 4/7 1:30pm
        Vla =  T 4/7 2:00pm
        Vcl/DB =  T 4/7 2:30pm

    3. There will be listening and musicianship assignments, and they will be due at the end of the month.

  3. THIS FOLDER contains the recordings from the 3/12 Concerto Showcase concert (which just might be the last concert in the PAC until next March…). 

  4. The school district is waiting until about May 1 to make a decision about the remainder of the school year and whether or not we will return to the building.  This timeline could be altered if the Governor or President makes overriding proclamations, of course. This timeline also will be for decisions about prom and the graduation ceremony.  And this will all have ramifications on our final orchestra concerts. Just stay tuned!

  5. Fine Arts Week 2020 is going online!  INFO here and SUBMISSIONS here.  FAW2020nline is open to students, staff, and families!

  6. Ward Brodt is shipping items to homes for free.  Send our representative Rob Smith an email at if you have needs.  Snark tuner? Music stand?

  7. State Solo Not Ensemble is happening online!  THIS DOCUMENT FROM WSMA describes the festival and how it works.  All MHS string students (except for the one person who was slated to perform her solo at McFarland) is set for the STATE stage.  Our school code is 10508. And this is only for solos. Ensembles, done through Zoom or Google Meet or the like, are eligible for Fine Arts Week but not for a WSMA event.


Keep in touch!


March 13, 2020 - Info about MN Trip Cancellation

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Dear Music Families of MHS,


We are receiving information and inquiries about the message sent by the music department to cancel the upcoming Minneapolis Music Field trip as it pertains to refunds.  It will take us some time to determine information from the vendors regarding refunds or how we might be able to utilize credit in the future.   Right now, the District's priority is creating plans for continuing instruction due to potential closure as well as creating procedures to handle staff or student exposure to COVID-19.   Trip organizers are going to need time to contact vendors, and the district needs to determine the best way to handle the significant number of refunds that could potentially result. What our nation and community are experiencing is unprecedented.   The situation is rapidly evolving. Either myself or the District Office will reach back out to you and other families in the district whose events have been canceled to share more information on refunds at a later date. 




Peg Shoemaker



Ms Peg ShoemakerPrincipal 

Middleton High School

(608) 829-9923

March 12, 2020 - Concert is ON ON ON ON!

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The restrictions for gatherings at our schools begin Friday 3/13, so the concert tonight for Sinfonia and Symphony Orchestra is STILL A GO!!  The district administrators have officially given the green light for tonight.  However, in light of the concerns, we will not do the post-concert reception.



March 12, 2020 - Minnesota Trip Canceled

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Dear music parents and families,


We have just learned that the district has decided to cancel our tour to Minneapolis tomorrow due to concerns about COVID-19.  Unfortunately, they will not be able to offer any refunds or waive fees.

We do not have any additional information to share at this time.  Please direct any questions to district administration.

We are sorry to break the bad news, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as the school continues to navigate this evolving situation.


Doug Brown, Steve Kurr, Jamie Pitt, Eric Rothacker, and Mike Ver Voort

February 26, 2020 - Spring Supper Important Info

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Dear Parents of Band and Orchestra students, 

The next “big thing” is soon upon the program and the parents. Yup, you guessed it,


Spring Supper Concert and Auction.

Date: Saturday, April 4.

Location: Middleton High School.

Concert:  that is the kids

Supper: tickets and volunteer opportunities... information to follow, soon.


This year we are soliciting donations and contributions from PARENTS/FAMILIES as well as from businesses in the community.


We are asking you to contribute.

  1. Donate items to specific baskets, as listed here, and found at the SignUpGenius.

  2. Donate money, so we can purchase items to fill each of these baskets.

List of Baskets to build, for the Auction 

SEEKING donations from parents of Band and Orchestra students.


Cash contributions should be of similar value.

The success of this final fundraiser depends upon ALL OF US working together, and giving.



Please donate an item, or group of items, NEW, with a value between $10 and $45. 

SignUpGenius link, for donations. 



If you prefer, contribute cash, so we can purchase items to fill these baskets.

BOPA website link for CASH contributions.

  • Dog Lovers

  • Cat Lovers

  • Father’s Day

  • Mother’s Day

  • Off to College

  • Bartender

  • Cook

  • Gardener

  • Sewing, knitting, crocheting

  • Yoga

  • Running

  • Golf

  • Beer Lover

  • Wine Lover

  • MiniBar Basket

  • Movie Night at home

  • Backyard fun

  • Going to the Pool

  • Summer fun/ Outdoor Games

  • Day on the boat

  • UW Madison swag


Please: DEADLINE is Sunday, March 22, 2020.

Items will be gathered at The Mackey, 1551 Parmenter Street.



THANK YOU, in advance, for your participation in the 2020 Spring Concert Supper and Auction.




The Auction Committee of the Spring Supper Committee of Middleton Band and Orchestra.

Please direct questions to Kim Mackey, Chair.

February 5, 2020 - MN Trip Info

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Hi all,


This message is for MN Trip participants only.


THIS FOLDER contains 2 forms for your student:

  1. The first is permission and emergency contact information.  Also at the bottom is a YES or NO on your student taking meds on the trip.

  2. If you checked NO, you are done after the first form and your student cannot take or be given any type of prescription or OTC medication on the trip.  If you checked YES, then you need to fill out the second form as well, completing the appropriate sections and getting any necessary signatures.


We need to have all forms signed and returned by FRIDAY 2/14.  You can sign a paper copy and return it or send it back electronically.




January 3, 2020 - Solo & Ensemble Registration and a few other details

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Hello, and welcome to 2020!


Solo & Ensemble will take place at MHS on Saturday, February 22.  Registration has already started and will end next week on TUESDAY 1/7.  We are doing all registration online this year, having students fill out a Google Form and charging all fees through FeePay.




These links are also available on the BOPA web page, along with other S&E info.


  • FeePay will be charged before the end of the semester and payment is due by the end of January.

  • Changes can be made to registrations up until January 24, when all entries have to be entered into the state's computer system.  Once we upload to the state, there can be no refunds.

  • Each event for a student needs its own Google Form entry.  For some students, this will be 2: a solo and an ensemble.  FOr others, it might be more.

  • Check your calendars: if 2/22 does not work for your family, there are several other nearby festivals on alternate dates.  Talk to me and to a student's chamber group members before going this route.

  • Special time requests are possible, but only in extreme cases.  "We are going out of town and leaving at 11am" is an extreme case, while "I want to sleep late on Saturday" is not.

  • BOPA covers the cost of most accompanists.  If you have an accompanists you like to work with or that the private teacher uses, then you need to make those arrangements and payments on your own.  If you are feeling generous, you can choose to help support BOPA by covering the cost of the accompanist yourself--thank you in advance for this!

  • Volunteers will be needed for the date and more information about that will be come at the every end of January.


2 last notes:

  • The Concert-Aria Competition is next Tuesday 1/7 from 6-9:30pm in the MHS PAC.  We do not advertise far and wide, but all auditions are open to the public.  Stop by and listen while you read a book or newspaper, catch up on email, or relax.

  • Reminder: the final concert of the year for Cardinal & Sinfonia is on THURSDAY 5/7, not the next week.  This is a change from the original event calendar.


Email or call with questions!


December 16, 2019 - Twin Cities, Nuts & More

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Hi Orchestra Families!


Wrapping up for the calendar year--concerts are done and Winter Teas are complete.  What is coming up?


  1. Did not yet get your nuts from the Fruit Sale?  We have them here--come and get them this week.  Email me to make arrangements. 

  2. Philimusica has just 2 more rehearsals until its Winter Festival on Monday 1/13/20. 

  3. The Symphony Orchestra will appear on NBC15 on 12/24 at 10pm and 12/25 at 6am.  Tune in! 

  4. The MHS Concerto-Aria competition is on Tuesday 1/7/20 6-10ish in the PAC.  Applications are due by the end of this week. 

  5. Jazz Cabaret comes up on Friday 1/11/20 at the Marriott.  More info and tickets at the MHS BOPA web page.  They are searching for 2-3 orchestra students to serve as coat check people.  Dinner, 5 service hours, and tips.  Let me know! 

  6. The Music Dept is joining up to take a weekend cultural tour to the Twin Cities in March.  All bands, choirs, and orchestras are going together on this non-performance tour.  More information can be found HERE and registration is online HERE.  Sign up deadline is this coming Friday 12/20!


Enough for now--I hope everyone's break is restful and all of us come back ready to complete the semester!


November 25, 2019 - Fruit Delivery Day Reminder

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Hello Students and Parents. 


This is a friendly reminder that the fruit will be delivered on Saturday 12/7 to MHS. We had a very successful Fruit Sale this year--Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!

Volunteers Needed:

  1.  We are looking for more adult volunteers to help out with Delivery Day.  Even if you can’t stay the entire shift, please consider helping out and just note in the comments on the Sign Up Genius when you can be there. Keep in mind that we will take turns with supervising loading orders outside so people can warm up so do let signing up for that position discourage you. Please visit the BOPA FRUIT SALE WEB PAGE and click on the "Delivery Day Volunteer Sign-Up" button.

  2. Students should look for a sign up outside the band and orchestra rooms to sign up--coming very beginning of next week. Students over the years have really enjoyed this teamwork experience so please sign up as we will need as many people as possible.


Fruit Pickup:

  1. Please arrive between 8:30 am - 11:30 am unless your order is over $800, then please come no earlier than 10:00 am

  2. Bring ONE check for the grand total of all your orders made out to ‘MHS BOPA’. 

  3. Park on the street (NOT in the bus lane!!).

  4. Come through Door 4 (front of MHS) to pay for your order and get your original order form(s).

  5. After your order is filled, get your card & park in the bus lane

  6. We’ll help you load your car!

  7. Important: Products need to be refrigerated if you are not delivering right away. Products cannot be stored in vehicles or garages during cold weather!

  8. Deliver your orders and remember to tell them thank you!


If you are truly unavailable to pick up your fruit on 12/7, please try to arrange for a friend to pick it up for you (we have limited space to store unclaimed orders at MHS and the temperature control is less than desirable for fruit).  Please remember to send along a check with them as well.  If you are unable to make other arrangements, please let a member of the fruit committee or one of the MHS music teachers know ahead of time.

Thank you for your support.

The 2019 Fruit Sale Committee, BOPA & MHS Teachers

November 17, 2019 - Orchestra Updates

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Hello, Orchestra families!


It is concert week for all of us, so here are some details.


  • Sun 11/17: Some Cardinal and Sinfonia members are performing at Attic Angels today.

    • Arrive for 2:45 rehearsal

    • Bring music and music stand

    • Wear all black or white top/black bottom

    • Concert starts at 3:30 (lasts about 45 minutes)

  • Mon 11/18, Tues 11/19, and Thurs 11/21: Some orchestra musicians are assisting with the MS concerts. 

    • They have signed up to help and should know when to arrive.

    • Wear red orchestra shirts!


    • Dress per THESE guidelines.

    • Arrive no later than 6:50 pm for tuning and warm-up.

    • Concert starts 7:30 pm

      • Cardinals start on stage

      • Sinfonia and Symphony start in the audience

    • All students stay for the full concert to support their colleagues

      • Leave the cell phone off and away, please

    • Parents: please sign up HERE to help with the reception and bring food


One last note: Winter Teas are coming up in December.  Details and permission slips coming soon:

  • Philomusica at West Middleton on Thurs 12/12

  • Symphony Orchestra on Fri 12/13


See you all later this week!


November 11, 2019 - Concerto - Aria - Dance Forms

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Hi all,


Attached is the application form for the Concerto-Aria-Dance competition here at MHS.  Apps are due before winter break and the auditions are on Tuesday 1/7 starting at 6pm in the PAC.



November 8, 2019 - Fruit Orders Due Monday

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Hi folks,


Thank you for supporting MHS musicians through the BOPA fruit sale.  The funds raised will go toward S&E accompanists, an electric cello, guest jazz violinist Randy Sabien, and so much more.


Orders are due on Monday 11/11.  Please have students bring them to school that day.  If there is an emergency and you forget, drop me a note.

A few quick reminders:

  • Students keep the pink copy and turn in the white/yellow.

  • No money should be turned in at this point.  You collect money from customers and pay BOPA in 1 lump sum on delivery day.

  • Tally Night is Wed 11/13 and we could use a few more people to help out.  Volunteer HERE.

  • Delivery Day is Saturday 12/7--volunteer sign up is HERE.



October 27, 2019 - Another Important Correction on Fruit Order Form

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Hello Orchestra Families,


I messed this one up. Here are the actual correct prices, as listed in the students' pricing sheet and on the website:


Full Case of Orange = $60

Full Case of Grapefruit = $50


I am sorry about the confusion--was a long week!


October 24, 2019 - Important Correction on Fruit Order Form

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Hello Orchestra Families,


It has come to the attention that there is a mistake on our fruit order forms.  Please sell the full case of grapefruit for $50 and not the price posted on the order form.  If you have already sold cases at the lower price, do not worry about going back to the customer to change it.


Thank you for your assistance and your support of BOPA!


October 21, 2019 - Several Short Reminders for the End of October

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1) The VERY LAST day to purchase orchestra spirit wear is Friday 11/1 (sale ends at 11:59 pm).  Go to to get your stuff!  Philo Pholks: order a bucket hat!


2) Cardinals: The last day to get in on the field trip to MADISON OPERA is this week WED 10/23.  Available as an activity on FeePay.


3) MHS BOPA Fruit Sale is starting this week!  Sale goes 10/23-11/10.  Remember that the fruit sale helps to fund many of the great activities, guests, and opportunities your students all have through the orchestra program.  Support BOPA!


4) I could use 1-2 more parents to help serve lunch to the WI State Honors Band/Orchestra/Jazz Ensemble from 10 am-1 pm on Thursday 10/24.  Easy job and you get to eat any leftovers.


5) Please go in and fill out the contact info through our BOPA Google FormIt helps us as we support your music students!


That is all for now: look for a Soiree Sign-Up Genius soon.

Hope to see some of you at conferences this week!


October 9, 2019 - Several Important Messages

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Hi all,

Contents of this note

  1. St Olaf on Sat (SO)

  2. BOPA newsletter (all)

  3. BOPA contact info collection (all)

  4. Program ad sales/legacy messages (all)

  5. Letter from Principal Shoemaker (all)

  6. Calendar change for CO/Sinfonia

  7. Orch Spiritwear sale (all)

  8. Opera for Cardinal

  9. Attic Angels on 11/17 (CO/Sinf)

  10. Annual Soiree


1) The St Olaf Orchestra performs on Saturday night at 7:30 pm in the PAC.  Tickets are $10 general admission and free for students.  The Symphony Orchestra will perform one piece with them as well.

Schedule for the day:

  • 3-4 pm Symphony and St Olaf do a side-by-side activity

  • 5:30-6:30  The 2 groups eat supper together

  • 7:30 performance (SO is first on 2nd half)

It was with a bit of dismay that I saw how many students are not able to attend any part of the event.  Saturday concerts are difficult at times, and it is appreciated when all students can attend--our group is diminished when people are missing.


2) The BOPA newsletter is now a thing of the past, for the most part.  Each year we will create a beginning of the year print copy and mail it out--coming soon!  Newsletter content is now found at the BOPA web page at .  The start of year one is also found HERE .


3) BOPA, in order to better serve the music education of your students, would like to collect everyone's contact information.  It will not be heavily used--mostly to contact volunteers and to call people who have not yet picked up their fruit :) and nothing will ever be used outside the BOPA realm.  PLEASE fill out this quick form  with contact info as soon as possible.


4) Program ads are still for sale, and we can still use some help with the collection of business ads.  HERE is a letter from Vice President Laura Guse talking more about the program and HERE is the application form to purchase an ad or student shout-out.


5) Principal Shoemaker has composed a letter addressing an incident that happened in Marching Band in the spring.  Please read this important message.


6) Due to several factors, we are adjusting the performance calendar for Cardinal Orchestra and Sinfonia for May 2020.

  • THURSDAY MAY 7 is the new performance date for Cardinal, Sinfonia, and 8th grade

  • Mon 5/11 is Kromrey area grades 4 + 5 with Philomusica

  • Tues 5/12 is now only grades 6 and 7

  • Thurs 5/14 is Glacier Creek area grades 4 + 5 with Philo

Mark your calendars please!


7) Orchestra spiritwear will be on sale soon--check our website in the next several days!


8) On Wed 10/30 the Cardinal Orchestra will be join the sophomore choir and the Advanced Music class down at the Overture Center for the Madison Opera performance of Verdi's La Traviata.  Look for more info and a FeePay sign up and payment option in the next week or so.


9) As we have done in past years, we are collaborating with the Pheasant Branch Strings, an orchestra of adult beginners and returners through the UW Division of Continuing Studies.  The Cardinal Orchestra and Sinfonia are invited to join PBS on their concert on Sunday 11/17 at 3:30pm at Attic Angel.  There is no requirement of attendance and we will not be performing anything ourselves.  Our job will simply be support for these brave adult musicians.  More details soon.


10) The annual Orchestra Soiree is coming up on Friday 11/1.  After a mandatory rehearsal for all orchestra musicians from 4-5pm, there will be fun and games and food and inflatables.  More details and a call for assistance coming soon!


Thanks for making it all the way to the end!