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Volunteers make it all happen! 

Junta 2020-2021

Help at Marching Band Senior Recognition Night on October 6

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Reasons to join the board


Help ensure a thriving program!

MHS Band booster boards play a vital role in supporting the MHS band program. Parent/ Family volunteers can help ensure that the program continues to thrive and provide enriching co-curricular musical experiences for current & future students. 


Support students!

Volunteers can actively support MHS students' musical journey. The board plays a crucial role in providing resources, funding, and logistical support to the band program. 


Building Community!

The MHS Band Boosers is composed of parents who share a common interest in supporting the students, teachers, and the MHS band program. By joining the board, volunteers will work with other parents of band students. This creates a sense of community and camaraderie, fostering friendships and social connections.


Influence & Decision Making

The board members can contribute their opinions on important decisions related to the band boosters. They can provide input on matters such as fundraising initiatives, budget allocations, event planning, and music education opportunities & experiences. 

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