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Isaac Galang

¿En qué año se graduó de MHS?


¿Estuviste en la banda o en la orquesta?


¿Qué instrumento tocaste?

Euphonium & Trumpet

¿Qué estás haciendo ahora?

Currently at the Illinois Institute of Technology studying computer science.

¿Cómo es la música parte de tu vida?

Other than the fact that I'm always listening to it, I occasionally do arrangement and composition. When my schedule allows for it, I also play in the wind ensemble at a local music conservatory. Over the past winter, I worked at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, working with clinicians to ensure the smoothest possible experience for the attendees.

¿Tienes algún recuerdo para compartir?

Nope! Kidding, obviously. While a lot of people might point to the flashy stuff, like going to London or New York or whatnot, even bigger are just the daily memories that get made. There was the time when we organized a jump cut to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme halfway through rehearsal, or the time that Mr V let us take Euphoniums and Tubas into the PAC catwalks, or the inane amount of time we spent arguing which of Holst's Suites was the better one (it's obviously his second). Every day was a chance to make memories.

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