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Emily (Statz) Cash

¿En qué año se graduó de MHS?


¿Estuviste en la banda o en la orquesta?


¿Qué instrumento tocaste?

Bass clarinet and tenor sax

¿Qué estás haciendo ahora?

I work full time as a federal technician for the Wisconsin Army National Guard.

¿Cómo es la música parte de tu vida?

How is it not? :) music helps me work, sing in the car with my kids, pretty much to enjoy everything!!

¿Tienes algún recuerdo para compartir?

I’ll pick one for now; when playing in pit orchestra and one of the actors lost his hat in the pit during a performance and myself and the bassest, also an Emily, snuck it back onstage to a volley of laughter! Good thing it was a comedy!

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