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Calvin Guse

¿En qué año se graduó de MHS?


¿Estuviste en la banda o en la orquesta?


¿Qué instrumento tocaste?

Viola & Piano

¿Qué estás haciendo ahora?

Filling out this Google form (but in general I am attending UW-Madison with a current plan to double major in piano and math)

¿Cómo es la música parte de tu vida?

I practice piano every day and enjoy the various musical opportunities offered here such as accompanying and chamber music with other music students. I also play in the All-University String orchestra which, simply put, is just a fun time.

¿Tienes algún recuerdo para compartir?

I have too many fond memories of the MHS music program to share all of them, but the thing I remember most was how the orchestra room often felt like home to me. Sick of the lunchroom for lunch? Let's go eat it in the orchestra room. We need a place to practice our quartet or another ensemble? The orchestra room was the answer. It was such an accepting and inviting environment, not to mention extremely conducive for learning and for getting kids excited about music.

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